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With its Extensive experience in GIS applications and software development, GeoSpatialMinds provides user friendly GIS software which can offer an important role in planning, developing and implementation of government Programmes & Projects. The term E-Government is generally agreed to derive from Electronic Government.

The provided applications play crucial role in delivering the services in sectors like government development programs, land records, Infrastructure sector, health sector, municipalities.


GeoSpatialMinds develops agriculture resource information systems using satellite/Drone imagery coupled with field inputs and generate spatial databases of agricultural attributes such as acreage, cropping pattern and yield. These databases are regularly updated and monitored using satellite/Drone imagery and additional ground verifications based on field survey.

These information systems help government, insurance and agricultural companies in decision and policy making and help them in sustainable management of agricultural resources. Our services cover the following information:

    • Crop survey and spatial distribution mapping
    • Soil survey, mapping and quality assessment
    • Detailed land use and land cover mapping
    • Crop change detection analysis
    • Cropping pattern analysis

Mining & Quarries

Using our UAV fleet we will give you access to accurate and reliable data of your mining or quarry area. GeoSpatialMinds will provide very high accurate and detailed survey for your area of study in order to be able to make intelligent planning and decisions. Get the data on your dashboard at a fraction of the cost.

With our drone surveying and mapping technology, eliminate the need for workers at high risk areas. Effectively identification and classification of potential hazardous areas in advance can be done in order to prevent accidents and create a safer working environment.

Using our 3D cameras GeoSpatialMinds can provide accurate 3D stock models with accurate volumetric measurements data. The acquired images can be used to be able to take much precised decisions and accelerate the job process.

Cadastral & Land Registration

GeoSpatialMinds provides interoperable, scalable, and flexible land and urban management solutions to governments, municipal authorities and national mapping agencies.

These end to end solutions include a combination of both data and enterprise application development, ranging from customized standalone services to turnkey models.

GeoSpatialMinds provided solutions expedite effective information management, integration of business processes, increased productivity, performance, transparency, and improved decision making.

Oil & Gas

Using all the components and products that GeoSpatialMinds offers ranging from Satellite/Aerial imagery, applications, mapping and remote sensing, GeoSpatialMinds empowers Oil and Gas operations to take their business to new heights.

Through interactive digital maps and in-depth analysis, you gain the confidence to make high-quality decisions, cutting costs and saving time.

Security & Defense

GeoSpatialMinds offers governments and defense organizations maps and information products that integrate intelligence information and inform robust decision making which can be used to understand the total force and ensure operation readiness.

GeoSpatialMinds creates and shares easy-to-use maps and analytics that improve everyone's understanding, analyze complex issues and reveal hidden patterns in data, facilitate informed decision-making.


GeoSpatialMinds offers a bouquet of services and products that are essential to conduct an accurate census, starting from planning, enumeration and field data collection to converting existing data, field operations, data processing and dissemination.

Fleet Management

No matter what types of vehicles you own or the size of your fleet, you can manage it all with just one solution. You can use fleet management software to track and automate your mobile workforce.

Whether you need solutions for transportation, logistics, or field service, our software makes every step in your logistics process more efficient using a sophisticated on-board computer, our fleet management software collects and transmits driver and vehicle data. An online fleet tracking and information portal then gives you access to insightful reports and analytics.

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