Geographical Information System ( GIS ) Services

GeoSpatialMinds SAL, together with its affiliated business partner network, is able to provide a wide range of GIS services to meet user’s needs. Our work strategy starts from the collection of user’s requirements, analysis of the as-Is status, proposition of a sustainable and robust solution and implementation. We are not limited to any technology our expertise covers ESRI, Google & Open Source.

Our GIS Services falls under 3 main categories:

1. Geographic Data Collection:

GeoSpatialMinds provides clients from various fields all the necessary geographic data from various sources and structures, such as satellite images, digital terrain models, base data, socio-economical and engineering/technical data, and topographic and field survey.

These data are delivered to our clients to meet their exact requirements throughout:

  • Photogrammetric data collection;
  • Data conversion and integration between a wide range of data formats and technologies;
  • Data validation and QA/QC;
  • Field data collection and cross-validation;
  • Topographic survey and ground control points collection;
  • Design and implementation of geographic databases;
  • Generation of various cartographic outputs.

2. GIS Solution Implementation:

GeoSpatialMinds provides its client with a wide range of GIS solution, both commercial-of-the-shelf or fully customized one, to meet their exact requirements and budgets. Solutions range from desktop, web, to mobile application. This service covers the full software engineering cycle:

  • User needs assessment and requirement analysis;
  • System design
  • System integration and implementation
  • Application development, deployment and testing
  • Maintenance and support

Given the various GIS technologies currently available worldwide, and admitting that each one of them has its own strengths and capabilities, GeoSpatialMinds does not restrict its solutions to a specific technology or platform, instead recommends its clients on adopting different technologies and platforms on a project-by-project basis.


3. GIS Consultancy:

GeospatialMinds hosts some of the best experts in GIS and engineering fields, with each having the highest academic background and at least 10 years or more experience in his/her own field of expertise. These experts provide the optimal consultancy and support services in the field of GIS and Geospatial, and its implementation in various fields, such as:

  • Government and local administrations;
  • Urban planning and rural development;
  • Utility engineering;
  • Hydrology, agriculture and environment;
  • Road and transportation;
  • Law enforcement and homeland security;
  • Human relief and crisis management;

Our experts provide the following services:

  • Data analysis;
  • Consultancy and project planning;
  • Project management and supervision;
  • On-the-job support and training.
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Information Technology ( IT) Services

GeoSpatialMinds SAL provides Core networking solutions, for small, medium-sized and enterprise companies. These solutions are based upon building the core routing and switching network of the company, while providing resiliency, fault tolerance and flexibility for future expansion on the Local Area or Wide Area networks.

Cabling : Whether it’s a fiber optic network (multimode or single mode), a copper network (Categories 5e and 6), or a hybrid network, GeoSpatialminds SAL has a trained / certified team to install / certify a complete structured cabling system in campuses, buildings, offices, etc.

WAN: A Wide Area Network is needed to connect remote/branch offices to the main office to share business applications such as IP Telephony, file sharing, client-server applications and e-mail.

LAN: A Local Area Network is the internal network of the company, on which a majority of the applications as well as the internal users reside. The LAN infrastructure can be wired or wireless.

Wireless LAN: solutions using Cisco or Linksys products where a mesh of wireless access point is configured and installed on the network to provide coverage for the desired area. 

In addition to wide range of Network Management Products to optimize and increase network availability in different areas: 

Performance Management 
• Configuration Management 
• Fault Management 
• Security Management

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Telecommunication Services

GeoSpatialMinds SAL offers complete and customized communication solutions to government, public security, utility, transportation, enterprise & business for higher organizational efficiency. We partnered with leading designer and manufacturer of professional mobile radio communications equipment’s dedicated to bringing most valuable and customized solutions to clients across the world.

Whatever environment your organization works in, wherever in the world you happen to be and no matter how remote you are, we can supply you with the communications infrastructure you require to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our Range of Telecommunication Services: 

• VSAT Internet Communication 
• Voice Over IP 
• Video Conferencing 
• DMR ( Digital Mobile Radio) Communication 
• TETRA Communication 
• Analogue Conventional ( UHF/VHF) 
• Thuraya Mobile & Tracking System

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Digital Forensic Services

GeoSpatialMinds SAL in partnership with Access Data digital forensics solutions deliver unsurpassed forensic analysis of computers, network communications and mobile devices. We not only enable digital investigations of any kind, but we offer solutions for organizations of any size. From portable triage solutions to large-scale, enterprise-class investigation and incident response, our technology has been recognized by industry media, analysts and real-world users as the most innovative, robust and user friendly.

Our range of Digital Forensic Services: 
FTK: Recognized around the world as the most innovative and technically advanced computer forensics solution, FTK is the industry standard and delivers capabilities that far exceed other tools. 
MPE+: supports more than 3500 mobile devices, including iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, Blackberry® and Windows® devices. MPE+ gives you the broad capabilities found in high-priced tools at a fraction of the cost. 
Silent Runner Mobile: SilentRunner network forensics software operates like a surveillance camera on your network. Monitor, capture and replay network communications for investigations and incident response. 
Digital Decryption: Locked out? Get back in. Password Recovery Toolkit and Distributed Network Attack are relied on by Fortune 500 corporations, law enforcement and government agencies to recover passwords from more than 100 applications. 
AD Triage: AD Triage is a portable solution that allows on-scene forensic acquisition of volatile and static data. It can be used on both live and shut down computers, and is the ideal solution for field examiners, first responders and even non-technical personnel. 
Live Response: Live Response is a USB key that enables first responders, investigators and IT security professionals to collect the live volatile data, which will be lost once the computer system is shut down.

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