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G.Surve is the Only Ultra-High 360 degree resolution IP cameras services for surveillance systems using the Sentry360 technologies . 

With the release of Device Pack 6.7 Milestone Systems will announce integration of its XProtect® video management software (VMS) with Sentry360’s full line of 180°, 360° and ultra-high resolution directional network video cameras that manage up to 14 megapixels

Sentry360 has created an innovative plug-in with the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK). The XProtect Smart Client plug-in is designed to work with Sentry360’s cameras to deliver a full, dewarped Pan-Tilt-Zoom experience in live or recorded video with multiple and configurable independent views from a single 360° camera.

Industry reports indicate that the video surveillance industry is seeing continued growth, with the number of installed cameras at over 100 million worldwide and climbing annually. According to users, two of most significant problems associated with traditional video surveillance installations are ensuring the exact target area for adequate video coverage in the event of incidents, coupled with the rising cost of storing that video data as cameras continue to increase in both number and resolution.

The collaboration between these two security technology companies in the IP video space addresses both of these issues by combining Sentry360’s industry-leading, fully immersive video with Milestone’s true open platform architecture. This allows enterprise-class systems to not only catch all relevant video, but to also retain that video through a complete solution to enable positive return on investment (ROI).

“This partnership with Milestone has been several years in the making for Senty360,” says Thomas Carnevale, CEO of Sentry360. “We believe this alliance leverages the two key technologies that deliver exactly what enterprise users are demanding: identifiable evidence with ultra-high resolution cameras and reduction of blind-spots, combined with scalable open architecture video management software for all levels of users.”

Christian Bohn, VP Marketing & Alliances at Milestone Systems, adds: “Milestone is adding Sentry360’s diverse network video products to its supported list of edge devices. Sentry360 offers a full product line dedicated to single-sensor, single-lens 180 and 360-degree solutions and high megapixel directional cameras in their InSight™ series for delivering convictable evidence.”

The hallmark of this alliance is the delivery of scalable ROI for digital surveillance. Sentry360′s multi-megapixel, 360-degree immersive imaging and directional cameras reduce the amount of cameras needed to cover a given environment, thereby lowering both cost and complexity. Complementing this is the Milestone open platform which allows customization of the video surveillance system and integration with third-party applications. The Milestone XProtect portfolio offers solutions for high to low portions of the market, allowing customers to maximize system costs with flexibility.

GeoSpatialMinds SAL is the Sole Distributor for Sentry360 cameras in Lebanon & South of Sudan.

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