BusinessCom Launches C-Band iDirect Broadband VSAT Service in Africa

Following increased demand, we have launched new iDirect Broadband services on the SES NSS-12 satellite, West Hemi C-Band Beam. The new service expands the service to C-Band frequency range, covering all the Africa, Europe and the Middle East. This is an ideal solution for small business clients who need reliable broadband IP connectivity in remote areas. You get Layer 7 bandwidth management, optimization and acceleration, firewall, user authentication, VPN, real-time reporting and monitoring and many other advanced networking features - all in a highly integrated package, powered by BusinessCom® Sentinel bandwidth management server.  

Available service levels range from 256 kbps ($219/mo retail, and this includes unlimited traffic) and go up to 4 Mbps, with custom tailored options available. We can also deliver dedicated bandwidth DVB-S2/SCPC circuits on the same platform. The service lands to DE1 network near Munich, Germany, enabling you to build seamless WAN networks over multiple satellites and frequency bands.

Key highlights:

  • 99.5% SLA
  • BusinessCom® PEP Acceleration and Optimization
  • Built-in 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN Access Point, Indoors (Upgradable for outdoor service.)
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Firewall
  • VPN Client/Server, Traffic Encryption & Compression - Complete Business Solution
  • Layer 2 Captive Portal
  • Sentinel Network Reporting & Monitoring Tools

For additional info and quote, dont hesitate to contact us.