GeoSpatialMinds Supporting Humanitarian Agencies

In March 2011 the crisis in Syria has started, and due to the occurring violence and military operations, many Syrian and non-Syrian (mainly Palestinians) have lost their businesses, their homes, and even their lives. These losses caused many Syrian to flee their country searching for safety and refuge in neighboring and nearby countries, such as Lebanon where, unlike other countries where they were grouped in defined camps, they got spread throughout the country.

Many local and international Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs) are currently interfering for the support and relief of those refugees.

However many faced challenges are restricting these NGOs from providing the best support and reaching their objectives.

Some of these major challenges are: the sparse geographical distribution of the refugees, the inability to assess the locations that are far and uneasy/dangerous to access, the dynamic changes on the camps, the need to manage and monitor several concurrent on-site team and their activities, etc 

The implementation and use of Geographic Information System (GIS) and geospatial technologies have supported several NGOs so far in facing and overcoming these challenges among others, and helped them better visualize and analyze their activities.

GeoSpatialMinds (S.A.L) is an emerging GIS and geospatial solutions provider in Lebanon that is currently working with several NGOs in humanitarian aid and is providing them with the following services and solutions:


o   Assessment of requirement and providing suggested alternative solutions tailored to the exact needs and conditions for each NGO or project;


o   Design and implementation of centralized or distributed GIS for collection, visualization and analysis of data related to the refugees and performed activities, along with any related socio-economical and situational data;


o   Design and implementation of Web GIS applications for visualizing and sharing data among other NGOs and the public;


o   Design and implementation of Mobile GIS applications for in-the-field data collection and visualization. These applications could be either online solutions where data transfer and update take place in real-time, or offline solutions with post-synchronization;


o   Installation of  real-time tracking and fleet management solution for managing and monitoring the various distributed field-work teams;


o   Collection of various geographic, topographic, administrative, socio-economical, and engineering data  necessary for assessing the situation of the camps and the refugees through various techniques, such as Photogrammetry, remote sensing, and field survey;


o   Analysis and interpretation of collected data within various geo-related sciences, such as hydrology, environment, transportation, urban planning, etc …


o   Technical support in building or migrating the system, managing workflow, analysing data, producing cartographic products, training and assisting staff in field and desk operations, and building capacity.


Our specialized team is ready to support your organizations and to share our success stories and expertise.


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